Substance Abuse Services

The substance abuse programs at Carolina Outreach provide intensive treatment for adults who have alcohol or substance addiction disorders and/or co-occurring mental illnesses. Programs incorporate chemical addiction treatments, including Twelve-Step facilitation and Motivational Interviewing, with cognitive and behavioral health approaches that include individual therapy and case management. The Intensive Outpatient Program includes group therapy three hours daily, three times weekly, for up to three months.

Prior to undertaking substance abuse treatment, each client undertakes a comprehensive confidential clinical assessment, which entails an appointment with our psychiatrist and a consultation to discuss the assessment and treatment options. After an assessment, the client will be advised about which of the following services is most appropriate:

  • Basic Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment
    The basic abuse program provides group support and education for those with an abuse diagnosis. Groups meet twice weekly, for 16 sessions, for 90 minutes each session.
  • Substance Abuse Intensive Outpatient Program
    The intensive outpatient program provides treatment for those who need additional structure and support.  It consists of group sessions which meet for three hours, three times a week, for 12 to 36 sessions.  Sessions are led by a trained facilitator and include both education and group therapy. Clients are expected to attend 12-Step meetings to benefit from ongoing recovery support. Clients elect to participate in a group with a regular meeting time in the morning or evening.
  • Basic Continuing Care
    Basic continuing care is a step-down program designed for clients who want to continue to work on their relapse prevention skills. These groups meet twice weekly, for 90 minutes for 16 sessions.
  • Basic Aftercare
    Basic aftercare gives clients the support and accountability of meeting in a group, one time per week, for 90 minutes each session, so they may continue to hone their recovery skills.