DWI Assessment & Treatment

These services assist adults who have been cited for driving while impaired. It is recommended by most attorneys that clients complete a NC DWI assessment prior to their first court appearance, a review of the client’s driving record, a standardized test, and a face-to-face clinical interview.

The assessment determines the level of substance abuse treatment in which the client can enroll with Carolina Outreach:

  • Level 1: Alcohol and Drug Education Traffic School (ADETS)
    for the first-time offender (16 hours of education).
  • Level 2: Short Term
    for offenders who have completed ADETS, had a BAC over .14, refused the breathalyzer, or meet criteria for substance abuse (20 hours of treatment over 30 days).
  • Level 3: Long Term
    for offenders who meet criteria for substance dependence, or who have completed a level 2 program (40 hours of treatment over 60 days).
  • Level 4: Intensive Outpatient Treatment
    for offenders who meet criteria for substance dependence (with or without physiological dependence), or who have completed a level 3 program (90 days).
  • Level 5: Inpatient Treatment
    While Carolina Outreach does NOT provide this level of treatment, we can make such a referral.

When the education or treatment program is completed, Carolina Outreach notifies the DMV, the last step before a client’s driving privileges are restored.