Our History

For over 15 years,, Carolina Outreach has provided high-quality mental health services across the state of North Carolina.

“Our history is one of consistent growth and change. What has stayed constant over the years is the idea that all people should be treated with dignity and respect, and that every individual has strengths that can be utilized in their treatment.” – Tim Brooks

In 2003, Tom Reid and Tim Brooks saw that families were too often a secondary aspect in most mental health service-delivery systems. In an effort to challenge this, they founded Carolina Outreach determined to create an agency that would focus on a families-first approach, where in-home, strengths-based services could help families become self-sufficient while remaining intact.

Carolina Outreach continues to grow—still guided by and committed to a families-first, strengths-based approach in its advocacy—and it now offers services out of 8  locations throughout the state.